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    1. Approval for the hospital’s organization rules and organization chart
    2. Formulation of personnel regulations
    3. Approval for work project reports
    4. Approval for employee salaries and premiums
    5. Approval for employment and discharge
    6. Approval for qualification evaluation
    7. Publication of official seals and stamps
    8. Approval for employee practices, regular assessment and annual performance rating
    9. Approval for rate of attendance of employees and register of rewards and punishments
    10. Review of retirement, compensation and insurance
    11. Distribution of stationery and approval for various subsidie
    12. Collection, review, compilation of personnel data and statistical reports
    13. Approval for employees and their relatives’ going abroad or returning from abroad


    1. Newsletter of personnel service.
    2. Retirement pension counting.
    3. Homepage of life long learning.
    4. Homepage of Citizen travel card.