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    Diagnosis and Treatment

    • Physiotherapy of rehabilitation patients
    • Occupational treatment of rehabilitation patients
    • Verbal treatment of rehabilitation patients
    • Occupational accreditation, social adaptation and assistance for rehabilitation patients


    There are 4 therapists in the Department of Rehabilitation:

    an orthotist, graduated from Rehabilitation, Chung Shan Medical and Dental College,a student orthotist, and two physiotherapists.
    The Department of Rehabilitation, located in the left behind the clinic building, is an independent building with space and facilities superior to other small and medium-sized hospitals and equaling to medical centers.
    The rehabilitation building has three floors of 366 square meters (treatment area).
    The first floor is mainly for treatment of orthopedic diseases.
    The second floor is mainly for treatment of paralyzation, neurological diseases, and for orthopedic exercise treatment.
    The third floor is mainly for rehabilitation of pediatric diseases (including Cerebral Palsy, ADHD, etc.)

    Related Facilities

    • Infrared Lamp
    • Short-wave Curer
    • Steaming Cushion
    • SPA Barrel
    • Paraffin Balneation Chest
    • Balance Pole
    • Shoulder Wheel
    • Finger Ladder
    • Double Frequency Electrostimulating Curer
    • Cervical and Lumbar Vertebra Retractor
    • Supersonic Curer
    • Vector Interfere Curer
    • Electric Leaned Bed
    • Wall Pole
    • Cornered Stairs
    • Lower Limbs Trainer