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    • Distribution of official letters
    • Compilation of the hospital’s mid-term and, annual administration projects and operation reports.
    • Compilation of the hospital’s milestones and chronicles
    • Recording of the hospital’s meetings regarding constructions
    • Formulation of the hospital’s work projects, and assessment controls.
    • Planning the hospital’s annual accreditation
    • Enforcement of “Hua-Hsin Task” and relevant R&D
    • Planning streamlined workflows and public services
    • Dealing with veterans funeral and burial affairs
    • Employee dormitory and house loan affairs
    • Technician personnel affairs
    • Management of land, house and property
    • Normal procurement and cashier affairs


    • Bidding Affairs
    • Funeral and Burial Affairs
    • Cashier Affairs
    • Sending and Receiving Mail.
    • Small Procurement