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Daytime Caregiring service


    Midway Recovery Center Introduction

    The Midway Recovery Center is the rehabilitation center for stabilized chronic psychiatric patients, To take advantages of available medical resources, and to cope with insufficient full-day wards, the caregiving Center alleviates the economic burden of both patients and the government. The Midway Recovery Center provides a variety of professionally integrated rehabilitation medical services, and is a midway shelter for acute patients after leaving the hospital before returning to their families and to society.

    LongCyuan College Midway Recovery Center History

    * Dr. Lee Yueh-Ju

    Neurology and Psychiatry Wards were formally established on January 6, 1997, and the Midway Recovery Center with 45 beds was established on July 1, 1999, providing rehabilitation and medication for psychiatric patients. The Center is now serviced by two doctors, one nurse, one therapist, one psychologist, and one social worker.

    Midway Recovery Center Services

    We provide individual psychotherapy and medication, occupational therapy training, social skill training, interpersonal relationship guidance, artistic appreciation and leisure activity cultivation, and essential living training (such as personal hygiene guidance and fitness training).


    Midway Recovery Center Characteristics and Functions

    (1) Characteristics: an open unit where patients can receive any kind of rehabilitation treatments any time during weekdays.

    1. First Floor: Outpatient Services, X-ray Room, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Registry.
    2. Second Floor: Operation Room, Dialysis Center, Intensive Care Unit, Computer Room, Endoscopy Room, Ultrasound Room.
    3. Third Floor: Surgical ward consisting of 50 beds
    4. Fifth Floor: Medical ward consisting of 50 beds
    5. Sixth Floor: Chronic ward consisting of 50 beds
    6. Seventh Floor: Conference Room, Library

    (2) Functions

    1. To understand self illness, and enhance recognition ability.
    2. To be able to live independently and take care of themselves.
    3. To develop interests, adjust emotions, and cultivate hobbies.
    4. To acclimate to family life, and daily life arrangements.
    5. To acquire working ability, provide chronic patients with working opportunities by establishing various kinds of workshops and industrial therapy, to enhance their independence in the society.
    6. To cultivate the ability of handling interpersonal interaction.

    Neurology and Psychiatry Department Midway Recovery Center staff members

    * Neurology and Psychiatry Department Director: Dr. Yang Shi-Dong
    * Clinical Psychology Department Director: Dr. Peng Su-Ling
    * Attending Physician: Dr. Du Jyun-Sian, Dr. Wang Hong-Dao, Dr. Jiang Shu-Yu, Dr.
    * Liu Jhong-Long
    * Nursing staff: Jhang Siou-Hua
    * Occupational therapist: Guo Jyun-Cin
    * Clinical Psychologist: Wu Wun-Shun
    * Social worker: Yang Ya-Shun


    Midway Recovery Center Services

    The Midway Recovery Center focuses on group therapy with team medical treatment, supplemented by individual treatment.

    1. Treatments provided by doctors include symptom evaluation and medication, individual psychological therapy, group psychological therapy, medical seminars, family therapy, and so on.
    2. Treatments provided by nursing staff include medication training, health education seminars, daily life training (appearance, expression, and so on), family contact and health education, activity design, and environmental sanitation division.
    3. Occupational therapists provide services such as: occupational training, calligraphy group, painting group, music therapy, aerobic therapy, fitness activities, leisure skill training, working with plants, environmental beautification, karaoke, volunteer training, watching movies, and the establishment of workshops (laundry workshop, car wash workshop, resource recycling workshop, and cooking workshop).
    4. Treatments provided by social workers include social skills training, employment counseling, home visits, family therapy, individual psychological therapy, group work planning and evaluation.
    5. Treatment provided by clinical psychologist includes psychological feedback relaxation therapy, sleep therapy, individual psychological therapy, group psychological therapy, and behavior therapy.

    Midway Recovery Center Patient sources

    Outpatient transfer from acute wards, chronic wards, and nursing homes (veterans, veteran family).


    Midway Recovery Center Operating Procedures

    Midway Recovery Center Operating Procedures


    Daily Life Regulations

    1. Patients are expected to sign in and out in accordance with the appointed time for therapy.
    2. Patients must participate in activities arranged on the daily schedule. No absence without cause is allowed.
    3. Prior to leaving the wards, patients must notify the staff member as to their whereabouts.
    4. A leave of absence shall be approved by staff members, with procedures completed before the day of absence, or notify ward staff members on the day of absence by phone.
    5. Personal items shall be placed in individual cupboard, and kept clean at all times.
    6. Patient should have respect for public items. Any damage of public items shall be compensated by the one who damaged the item.

    Midway Recovery Center Daily Activity Schedule

    Veterans Hospital of LongCyuan Midway Recovery Center Daily Activity Schedule

    Hospitalization Procedure

    1. Fill in “Midway Recovery Hospitalization Agreement”.
    2. During the therapy period, patients shall wear casual clothes. Wearing Slippers and eating betel nut are prohibited.
    3. Patients shall sign in and out of the hospital in accordance with the appointed therapy time.
    4. If required, accompaniment by family members or friends in the early phase of hospitalization is permitted.
    5. Accompanying family members or friends shall abide by the regulations and schedule of the hospital without interfering with the rehabilitation activity of the patients.
    6. For security reasons, dangerous items such as lighters, matches, and knives are prohibited to bring into the hospital.
    7. Any damage to public items or items belonging to other people shall be compensated. Leave of absence procedures shall be completed prior the day of absence. Temporary leave of absence shall notify the wards before 9:00a.m. by calling 770-4115~217, and shall be approved by the doctor. Leave of absence procedures shall be completed upon return.
    8. Fees will be collected if the patients fail to come to the hospital without a reason. In the case of extreme circumstances, no fees will be charged if the patients fail to come to the hospital.
    9. A leave of absence shall not exceed 10 days (working holidays excluded), leave of absence exceeding 10 days shall be regarded as an unexcused absence.
    10. Those absent more than one week shall be discharged from the hospital.

    Leave of absence regulations

    Family members shall note the cause of absence, and ask for approval by the medical group. The doctor will provide “Neurology and Psychiatry Department Patient Leave of Absence Note”, signed also by nursing staffs.
    [ Sick leave ]
    Family members of the patient requesting sick leave shall notify the nursing department before 9:00am on the day of absence by the family members of the patient. After evaluation and approval by working staff, the nursing staff will fill in "Phone Absence Record”.