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    1. Compilation of final annual budget
    2. Audit of financial revenue and expenditure and approval for original certificates
    3. Monitoring, acceptance and transfer of construction, and procurement, order and disposal of properties
    4. Recommendation on improvement in eliminating uneconomic expenditure
    5. Statistics, review and analysis of administration and administration effects
    6. Compilation of vouchers and financial statements
    7. Register of accounting books and review of accounts
    8. Register and verification of property controlling accounts
    9. Collection of accounting certificates
    10. Other annual accounting practice


    Assigning personnel to monitor whether the bid opening, price survey, negotiation and acceptance of the procurement announced by the hospital comply with the regulations and procedures of the “Government Procurement Law”.

    The foregoing procurement monitoring excludes any procurement substantial or technical subjects involving qualification, specification, commercial terms, setting final price, award and acceptance methods.

    The monitoring operation includes:

    1. Field Monitoring
    2. Documental Review and Monitoring
    3. Partial Field and Documental Review and Monitoring
    4. Compiling the disbursement slip of budgets and payment for goods and sending it to the secretary office (cashier) for remittance.