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Medical Care and Health Care


    Medical Care and Health Care

    Our primary mission is to provide all-round medical care to veterans, their families, and the general public. The hospital currently has 156 acute general beds, 100 chronic general beds (including 60 respiratory care beds), 60 acute psychiatric beds, 140 chronic psychiatric beds, 45 psychiatric day care beds, 100 medical nursing home beds, 50 psychiatric nursing home beds, and 150 public-funded nursing home beds.

    Hospital services include: emergency services, outpatient services, physical examinations, hospitalization, integrated community medical care services, home care services, nursing home, psychiatric care and health care services. The following is an overview of our services:

    (1) Emergency Care Department

    1. Attending physicians from the internal medicine, surgery, and psychiatry departments provide 24-hour medical care in rotation. Senior registered nurses staffing an injury examination station evaluate patients' conditions, assign priority, and route patients to the appropriate medical departments.
    2. As one of the hospitals in the Pingtung area's "emergency medical network," LCVH helps care for transferred emergency patients and assists in handling emergencies with numerous patients.

    (2) Outpatient departments

    1. Outpatient departments include internal medicine (general internal medicine, gastroenterology, and cardiac internal medicine), surgery (general surgery, thoracic surgery, urological surgery, rectal surgery, cardiovascular surgery, and anesthesiology), orthopedics, psychiatry (geriatric, adult, child & adolescent), obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, family medicine, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, dentistry, and rehabilitation departments.
    2. Special outpatient departments not only provide general outpatient diagnosis and care, but also offer special outpatient services, in which patients can make an appointment with a doctor to special treatment.
    3. Seniors over 80 years of age and children under 6 years of age can receive priority without having to wait for their registration number to be called. We offer several different advance registration channels in an effort to minimize patients' waiting time.
    4. We have established a volunteer service counter in our outpatient reception area in order to provide patients various kinds of advice and service.
    5. The registration counter is a unified multi-functional service counter. Patients can perform registration and payment, and can obtain any other service, at any window.
    6. Marquees lights located outside the main entrance to the hospital, on the outpatient lobby announcement board, and above counters offer various types of up-to-date health information. In addition, television walls offer a variety of TV programs plus a wide range of health information and programs.

    (3) Physical examination

    Our professional physical examination personnel check patients' health using precision examination instruments. In addition, specialists from different departments perform group diagnoses in order to provide patients with a comfortable and professional physical examination environment. Physical examination items include:

    1. Advanced physical examinations: our highly efficient, accurate, and professional service enables patients to understand their health condition.
    2. Pre-marital health examinations: screens patients for hereditary and contagious disease, and helps newly married couples better plan for children.
    3. Labor physical examinations: health examinations required upon employment, regular health examinations during employment, and preventive occupational health examinations.
    4. Company health examinations: outpatient or roving examinations for company employees.
    5. Student health examinations: student health examinations required upon school admission or in conjunction with school examinations. We also offer follow-up health promotion services such as immunization and health education.
    6. Foreign labor physical examinations: entry and half-year health examinations of foreign workers in order to prevent contagious diseases entering Taiwan from other countries.
    7. Adult preventive health care and community roving screening test services: services include tests for chronic diseases, oral cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and cervical cancer; these tests are intended to achieve the goal of early discovery and early treatment.

    (4) Inpatient Services

    1. Wards include general internal medicine and (acute and chronic) surgery wards, (acute and chronic) psychiatry wards, isolation wards, intensive care unit, and respiratory care wards.
    2. General wards contain single rooms, double rooms, and group rooms. All our wards are very well-equipped, and patients and their families enjoy comfortable and spacious rooms.
    3. There are special hospitalization and discharge counters providing patients (veterans) with general services including transfer, diagnosis, and application for medical records.

    (5) Integrated Community Medical Care Services

    A. We are actively participating in the DOH's "Community Health Promotion Plan":

    1. We applied to implement the community health development plan for Neipu Township in July 2005.
    2. With regard to the annual work project for the Community Health Promotion Plan, our nursing department, physicians, social workers and volunteers worked together to promote community preventive care via community roving charity clinics, bone density examinations, health consulting services, health education, and immunizations. We have established "health service stations" in every village of Neipu township, dispatched medical staff to train local service volunteers, helped community residents measure blood pressure, blood sugar, height and weight, and taught residents preventive care tips.
    3. Via our "community screening services," we evaluate the health care needs of community residents, integrate community resources, and provide follow-up referral and medical services. We also conduct screening tests for residents in six local villages including Longcyuan and Longtan, and individually inform people whose exam results reveal abnormalities to arrange for second exams.
    4. We perform weekly home visits to seniors living alone, and our personnel actively notify the hospital to dispatch an ambulance when an ill resident needs medical attention.
    5. We help Neipu and Dongpian villages to provide free lunches to seniors living alone in order to maintain the health and nutrition of the elderly.
    6. Our professional registered nurses provide home care at patients' homes, including helping patients change their catheters and drugs. This ensures that recuperating patients receive continuous follow-up care.
    7. We are helping build the "Pingtung County Joint Care Network for Diabetes."
    8. Our specialized discharge-planning nurses provide referral information and high-quality all-round service meeting the needs of discharged patients.
    9. Depending on their condition, we help elderly patients continue to live at home, or recommend nursing home or psychiatric nursing home care.

    B. We are working together with primary-level community medical units in the joint care of community patients:

    1. Led by our family medicine department, our "Longzong Community Medical Team" is implementing a family doctor system.
    2. We invite primary-level physicians to participate in joint care work, and provide patients with continuous care. In order to improve the quality of primary-level medicine, we have implemented joint care outpatient and inpatient room visits, case discussion meetings, and continuing education for primary-level physicians.
    3. Our Registration Office provides one-stop service, oversees two-way referral work, and dispatches ambulances to enable primary-level physicians to transfer emergency patients to hospitals.
    4. Our Information Office maintains a computer system, and collects and manages data on healthy persons at the Pingtung Veteran's Home and peripheral units.

    (6) Home Care Services

    Our home care services provide the following services:
    * Enabling patients to receive good care at home.
    * Enabling families to maintain their original functions and quality.
    * Lessening the waste of time and money caused by back-and-forth transit between
    * home and hospital.
    * Reducing the incidence of complications caused by long-term hospitalization.
    * Lessening the expense of hospitalization.

    A. Well-trained nurses and specialists are on hand to provide sincere service in your own home.

    B. Service items:

    1. Catheterization
    2. changing of catheters and urine bags
    3. large or small volume enemas
    4. bladder lavage and bladder training
    5. replacement and removal of nasogastric tube
    6. nasogastric tube feeding instruction and education
    7. replacement and sterilization of internal chlorine tubes and nursing instructions
    8. general physical examination and instruction
    9. general wound care
    10. insulin injection and instruction
    11. urine sugar and protein testing instruction
    12. phlegm suction instruction
    13. anodyne injection
    14. medicine use instruction
    15. blood and sample testing
    16. rehabilitation exercise instruction
    17. nutrition instruction
    18. health education and provision of related information
    19. physician's house call
    20. and follow-up visits.

    C. Eligible patients:

    1. Patients who need continuous care after discharge
    2. Chronic patients at home
    3. Patients at home with serious diseases
    4. Referrals from other hospitals or home nursing institutions

    D. Charge items:

    1. Registration fee: Same as outpatient registration fee.
    2. Visit fee, technology fee, and material fee: Based on the disease category and amount of materials used, patients are required to pay 10% of total charges in accordance with National Health Insurance standards.
    3. Transportation fees: Taxi fees are charged based on the actual distance from the patient's home to the hospital.
    4. Physician home visit fee: Patients are required to pay 10% of the total charge in accordance with National Health Insurance standards.
    5. Veterans, low-income households, individuals with severe injuries or diseases, and people with disability certificates are exempt from registration fees and medical charges.

    E. Contacting the hospital:
    Please contact a nursing station at least three days before discharge if you require these services. We will arrange for nurses and physicians to visit you as soon as possible.

    (7) Psychiatric services

    1. Our psychiatric department helps psychiatric patients with an attitude of "prevention is better than cure." Our treatment team includes doctors, senior registered nurses, social workers, psychologist, and occupational therapists. We provide patients with continuous and effective treatment and the best medical care, helping them to recover as quickly as possible.
    2. We offer a wide variety of rehabilitation workshops and groups, including a car wash workshop, clothes washing workshop, recycling workshop, cooking group, interpersonal interaction group, pressure adjustment group, meditation group, medicine and health education group, karaoke group, and picnic group. We believe that group training activities led by professional medical staff can enhance patients' living functions, and prevent them from descending into chronic dependency and institutionalization. In addition, activities also help patients to strengthen their independent and self-sufficiency.
    3. Compulsory hospitalization service, daytime ward, and child early cure center.
    4. Psychiatric outpatient services include general psychiatric outpatient treatment; child and teenager mental health outpatient treatment; special outpatient care for insomnia; special outpatient judicial psychosis appraisal; and special outpatient psychotherapy.
    5. We offer 24-hour emergency service. LCVH has the only psychiatric department in Pingtung area offering all-day emergency care.
    6. Treatment of addiction: We send personnel on weekly visits to the Pingtung jail to examine and treat addicts, and provide regular addiction prevention awareness in schools and the community.

    (8) National Health Insurance advisory services

    We publicize Bureau of Health Insurance regulations and up-to-date National Health Insurance, including information on health insurance payments, major injuries or diseases, chronic disease drug card regulations, and the right to medical treatment of residents in remote districts and offshore islands.

    (9) Medical education and training

    1. Education and training for new personnel
    2. Advanced education and workshops for nurses
    3. Patient attendant training
    4. Each department holds morning meetings, case discussions, and departmental meetings every day. We regularly invite specialists and scholars to give keynote speeches and take part in academic discussions.
    5. In order to improve service quality and instructional standards, LCVH has participated the government's appraisal of teaching hospitals and obtained designation as a "regional teaching hospital" for a period of three years.

    (10) Medical research

    In order to encourage medical, nursing, and technical personnel to actively engage in medical research, LCVH regularly signs medical cooperation contracts with hospitals at all levels, and maintains two-way communication channels. LCVH also issues annual reports on medical research and development in order to foster a sound research climate.