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Admission Rules


    Health Insurance Patient Beds, Fees and Admission Infomation

    (1) Total beds: 371

    A. Acute Patient Beds: 117
    1. Intensive Care Patient Beds: 10
    2. Dialysis Beds: 6
    3. General Patient Beds: 100
    4. Emergency Temporary Patient Bed: 1

    (2) Number of Beds where fee difference will be charged: 26 acute patient beds but no chronic beds

    A. Acute patient bed
    1. $1,010 NT per day will be charged for single room beds (2 beds in total)
    2. $210 NT per day will be charged fro double room patient beds, 24 beds in total
    3. No additional fee will be charged for intensive care beds, dialysis beds or general patient beds.

    B. Chronic Patient

    1. No additional bed fee

    (3) Bed Number of Patient Beds and Fees

    Admission Rules

    Insurance Bed


    3rd Wards

    Total: Beds

    5th Ward


    Intensive Care Unit


    Psychiatric Ward


    Temporary Rest Bed
    for Acute Disease


    Dialysis Ward


    Fee Difference
    Charge Ward

    Single Room Bed:
    Total: Beds
    Double Room Bed


    General Patient Bed


    Psychiatric Bed


    Nursing Home

    Convalescent Patient Bed for Chronic Disease

    12th Ward


    13th Ward


    15th Ward


    3rd Ward


    5th Ward


    Nursing Home
    at Own Cost

    Convalescent Bed for Chronic Disease Patients

    NH Ward