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Promptly dealing with patients' complaints


    Promptly dealing with patients' complaints

    (1) Operating procedures for appeal (complaint) cases

    A. In-person service
    We revised the "Appeal Procedure Rules" on January 25, 2005 in order to improve service and deal promptly with group or individual appeals. As long as you arrive at VLHC during office hours, our service counters or other relevant units will offer you courteous service and patiently listen to your appeal. We will try to solve the case immediately if it does not involve any special complications.

    B. Advisory services
    If a case cannot be solved immediately, we will refer the patient to the proper unit or relevant legal service organization.

    C. Telephone appeal (compliant) cases
    We will try to solve telephone appeal cases immediately if it does not involve any special complications. We suggest you submit an appeal form if the case is complicated; we process all such cases during a specified period of time.

    D. Written responses
    We handle written appeals in accordance with the "Regulations Governing Handling of Public Appeals by Administrative Agencies" to deal with written appeals. Although our manpower is limited, we urge the responsible personnel to respond to an appeal within 30 days after receiving the case.

    E. Publication of awareness handbooks
    We have published appeal procedure handbooks, which are available free of charge at our service counters.

    F. Timely response
    We try to respond to time-critical cases within 5 days from the day after receiving the case. We will notify the applicant in advance if we cannot respond in time.

    G. Welcoming comments

    1. We have established a Superintendent's Mail Box, opinion mail box, and opinion survey form, and conduct opinion surveys.
    2. We have established an administrative reform mail box and strongly encourage comments from all interested parties.

    (2) We welcome your opinion

    Please feel free to let us know if you have any opinion or suggestions concerning our service. We will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your support and encouragement.