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Forword Frome Superintendent

    My dear fellow veterans and cyber friends,
    Welcome to www.vhlc.gov.tw (under the Veterans Affairs Commission, Executive Yuan).
    The hospital is established with the aim of serving all our fellow veterans by means of assisting them in seeking and successfully obtaining medical care – one of the four tasks of VAC (the other three are home care, employment assistance and educational assistance) – to promote medical services to veteran patients and the public. Please refer to the following regarding the hospital’s details.

    Our Tasks

    • Handling clinical and hospitalization services for veterans and their dependents in the Pingtung area.
    • In charge of medical care for patients referred from other veterans general hospitals, farms, veterans service offices, etc.
    • In charge of medical care for retired veterans or those disabled from a war.
    • Clinical and hospitalization services under the National Health Insurance.
    • Medical care in the Pingtung area and enhancing the quality of medical care in remote areas to fulfill the goal of the National Health Insurance.
    • Responsible for rehabilitation as well as the prevention and cure of chronic diseases, and mental disorders.

    Current Facilities

    (1) OPD Building, with a basement and 6 floors, was started in 1990, including

    • First Floor: Outpatient Services, X-ray Room, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Registration Countery.
    • Second Floor: Operation Room, Dialysis Center, Intensive Care Unit, Computer Room, Endoscopy Room, Ultrasound Room.
    • Third Floor: Surgical ward with 50 beds
    • Fifth Floor: Medical ward with 50 beds
    • Sixth Floor: Chronic ward with 50 beds
    • Seventh Floor: Conference Room and, Library

    (2) Building A/B of the Chronic Ward: Four floors above the ground, started in 1993

    • Building A: Nursing home of 250 beds
    • Building B: Mental ward – 60 beds for acute cases and 140 beds for chronic cases.

    (3) Rehabilitation Center: Three floors above the ground, started in 1993

    • First Floor: Electrotherapy area, Physiotherapy area
    • Second Floor: Exercise area, Hydropathy area, Occupational therapy area
    • Third Floor: Center of Early Education for Children

    (4) Mental Ward

    • a single-storey house with 100 mental chronic beds, started in 1997
    Present Beds
    Division The Number of Currently Existing Hospital Beds The Number of Planned Hospital Beds in Future Estimated
    Execution Time

    Acute Disease

    General Bed

    100 150  

    Special Bed

    Bed for Intensive Care

    10 10  

    Bed for Dialysis

    5 10  

    Bed for Respirator Treatment


    Bed for Acute Disease Observation


    As the project of the Health Department, Executive Yuan



    111 183  

    Bed for Mental Disorder

    Bed for Acute Disease 60 100  
    Bed for Chronic Disease 140 250  
    Day Ward 45 45  
    Bed for Drug Abstention and Treatment   50

    As the project of the Ministry of Justice

    Subtotal 200 400  

    Bed for Chronic Disease

    54 54  

    Nursing Home

    180 100  


    545 737  

    (5) Our Perspectives

    • Becoming the medical care center of Neipu area.
    • Critical Care Medicine: Evaluating local needs, solving referral problems, and establishing a respiratory therapy center
    • Home Nursing Treatment – consisting of physicians, psychologists, nurses and social workers
    • Detoxification Center: 50 beds
    • Cooperative hospitals and schools: Kaohsiung Veterans General Hospital is the main cooperative institution; other cooperative hospitals and schools are Pingtung Jen-Ai Hospital, Kai-Suan
    • Psychiatric Hospital, Kuo-Jen Hospital, Ta-Jen Pharmacy College, Ming-Te Nurse School, local centers and clinics. These supports have made VHLC the medical health center of Neipu area.

    (6) Our Spirit

    • Unselfishness, Dedication, Faithfulness, Sincerity, Innovation, Cooperation, Benevolence, Medical Service to the public
    • We are looking forward to your suggestion on our medical service, and wish you have a wonderful tour of the web site.