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High-quality service—treating patients as family members


    High-quality service—treating patients as family members

    (1) Information counter

    A. Outpatient costumer service center (first floor lobby)

    1. Outpatient department and schedule inquiries
    2. Inpatient and emergency ward inquiry system
    3. Broadcast services
    4. Wheelchair loan
    5. Phone card sale and coin exchange
    6. Provision of presbyopic glasses, tea and paper cups
    7. Phone extensions and orientation
    8. Lost and found
    9. Photocopies (for fee)
    10. Assistance with admission forms
    11. The veterans' service center located inside the hospital handles all veterans' benefit applications.
    12. Forwarding of patients' opinions and suggestions.

    B. Outpatient volunteer services

    1. Outpatient volunteer services:
    2. Measuring patients' blood pressure.
    3. Orientation
    4. Clinic referral
    5. Tea service Helping disabled patients get around.

    C. Ward services

    1. Emergency room services: Helping patients apply for registration, admission, discharge, examination; picking up medicines and purchasing food on behalf of patients; consoling patients and their families.
    2. Psychiatric ward service: Helping patients to participate in activities (cooking, dance, and outdoor activities)
    3. Ward visit services: Visiting and caring for patients and their families. Checking out magazines and books on behalf of patients.

    D. Religion consolation
    Religion provides patients and their families with mental consolation and support, and eases their fear and anxiety.

    1. Buddhist shrine services:
      (a) Maintenance of peace, quiet, and cleanliness in the Buddhist shrine.
      (b) Resupply of holy water and religious articles. Instruction concerning rites, explanation of Buddhist doctrine and use of holy water.
      (c) Loan of Buddhist publications, tapes, video tapes, and chant machine.
      (d) The shrine is intended for patients who worship Buddha and wish to borrow tapes or video tapes or patients who express need of assistance.
    2. Church services:
      (a) Maintenance of peace, quiet, and cleanliness in the church
      (b) Provision of advisory service for patients and families who actively seek assistance.
      (c)Prayer for patients and their families.
      (d) Loan of Bibles, books, magazines, and tapes.
      (e) Referal of patients with special needs to nearby churches.

    (2) Social services

    In accordance with the Bureau of Health Insurance's free adult physical examination policy, LCVH conducts roving neighborhood free adult physical examination services and publicizes health and illness prevention concepts as part of its good neighbor policy. LCVH also takes advantage of social resources (by recruiting volunteers, providing basic and special training, and enhancing the professional skills and service capabilities of volunteers) and provides following services to patients:

    1. prescriptions, and installation of hearing aids and dentures.
    2. Dispute mediation: Mediation of situations when patients fail to meet admission rules or have disputes with medical and nursing staff.
    3. Dispute resolution: Resolution of doctor-patient disputes.
    4. Medical information: Including provisions of medical information, explanation of admission rules, and other services.
    5. Patient counseling: Random ward visits, individual bedside interviews, psychological counseling, family conflicts resolution, and problem-solving.
    6. Volunteer services: Regular volunteer recruiting, basic and special training, and enhancement of volunteers' professional skills.
    7. Delivery of box lunches to seniors living alone.

    (3) Comfortable and convenient service facilities

    1. Barbershop: Located in welfare building, convenient for patients, families, and hospital personnel.
    2. Store—fruit section: Located in welfare building; provides everyday goods and fruit for employees and patients. Beverage vending machines are located on the first floor of each building.
    3. Laundry: Located on the first floor of the power center. Washes and sterilizes quilts, covers, and patients' clothing.
    4. Restaurant: We authorize private restaurants to provide patient's meals. Our dieticians provide nutrition advice. Three hot daily meals are provided for patients and employees.
    5. Recreational areas: We have established pavilions in the hospital's lawn for patients and employees and built a badminton court in the Chungcheng Memorial Hall that also provides patients and employees with a place for walks. In addition, we plan to build an elderly fitness center behind the hospital. We further plan to build outdoor seats and coffee tables in the plaza in front of the inpatient medical building.
    6. Religion: LCVH contains a Buddhist shrine and a church for the use of believers. We also organize prayer groups to assist patients.
    7. Staff retreat-refresh plaza (R2 Plaza):
      We plan to build a relaxed family-style fitness and conversation space on the first floor of the medical dormitory building. We hope that this area will give employees a place for refreshing themselves and finding tranquility after a busy and long day.
    8. Staff concern team: This team is led by the personnel division and composed of psychiatrists and psychologists. The team helps colleagues who are coping poorly with stress to lessen their anxieties and recover their passion for work.