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Social Assistance



    • Management, assistance, services, visits, relief for veteran patients, and safeguarding their interests and settlement of disputes
    • Easing the emotional strain for due to hospitalization and assisting veterans with their family problems.
    • Assisting hospitalized veterans in their lives, and carrying out case studies
    • Veterans education affairs
    • Organizing leisure and welfare activities for the hospital’s veterans
    • Handling problems that might arise from the death of veterans, monitoring veterans’ meals
    • Handling bank deposits and insurance affairs for the hospital’s veterans and employees
    • Promoting the Chinese Culture Revival Movement
    • Holding birthday parties for veterans, monthly meetings, and commemorative activities
    • Maintaining a veterans database and managing their household registration and transfer
    • Press communications and visitors affairs
    • Handling the “Yung-An Project”


    • Attending to hospitalized veterans, easing their emotional strain, defending the interests of patients and mediating in disputes among them.
    • Dealing with problems or difficulties arising from the death of veterans.
    • Custody of important properties of veteran patients
    • Planning Pioneer Affairs
    • Renewal of Health Cards
    • Coordination of medical disputes