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Medical Administrative



    1. Clinical registry affairs
    2. Admission, discharge (referral) affairs
    3. Management of medical records
    4. Dealing with problems or difficulties arising from death of patients ,
    5. Issuance of various diagnosis, birth and death certificates
    6. Statistics and tabulation of clinical/hospitalization data and reports
    7. Compilation of the hospital medical performance
    8. Normal health examination affairs
    9. Enforcement of epidemic prevention and healthcare projects
    10. Enforcement of the hospital’s annual highlight tasks
    11. Environment protection affairs
    12. Maintenance and repair of medical equipment


    1. Clinical and Emergency Register
    2. Register and Pricing
    3. Admission and Discharge Operation
    4. Application for Various Certificates
    5. Acceptance of Various Affairs from Health Competent Authorities
    6. Prevention and Health Care Affair
    7. Draftee Physical Examination Operation
    8. Management of Medical Records
    9. Tour Medical Services
    10. Education and Training for Medical Staff
    11. Filing of Health Insurance
    12. Management of Medical Quality
    13. Various Medical Service Volume and Statistics
    14. Outpatient Clinic Schedule Operation
    15. Management of Medical Operation Funds
    16. Referral Operation
    17. Medical Cooperation Affair
    18. Change of Medical Staff Register
    19. Environment Affair
    20. Management of Library
    21. Hospital Accreditation
    22. Clinic Bus Service
    23. Emergency Response to Numerous Injury Patients
    24. Temporary affairs ordered by higher authorities