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Nursing House


    Introduction to Nursing Home

    1. Respect our patients
    2. Treat our patients as family.
    3. Provide Quality Rising Quality Service

    Our Service

    1. Summary of Department of nursing
    2. Missions and goals of nursing
    3. organization and organization chart of Nursing department
    4. Summary of Nursing business
    5. Nursing consult

    Information board

    Summary of Department of Nursing.

    Starting from a small unit, the Department of Nursing of our hospital was officially established in June 2004. There are 109 paramedics—approximately 39% of all hospital staff.
    There are 5 main committees in our department—education, quality control, research and develop, personnel and security. Every committee is responsible to carry out the operation base in its functions according to hospital’s annual plans. Therefore, we can conduct our business smoothly, improve our service quality, create a quality working environment as well as provide a safe, comfortable and humanized health care environment.



    * Telephone: (08)770-4115 ext219 、612
    * Fax number: (08)770-1952
    * E-mail: nusdep@mail.vhlc.gov.tw