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Kaohsiung Veterans Gegeral Hospital, Pingtung Branch (VHLC),is located at Longtan Village in remote Neipu Township of Pingtung county, buttressed by the picturesque Tawu Mountain to the east, and occupying an area of over 11 hectares. The construction of the hospital dates back to July 1,1957,in the makeshift name "LongChuan Veterans Tuberculosis Hosptial", which was soon changed to "Taiwan LongChuan Veterans Hosptial"on September 1 at the same year, and later officially designed " Executive Yuan Veterans Affairs Commision LongChuan Veterans Hosptial "on November 1,1966. Finally under the Veterans Affairs Commission¡¦s three-tiered integrated policy, it was renamed Kaohsiung Veterans Gegeral Hospital Pingtung Branch in 2010. For more than 50 years, the hospital has been developing and expending in management, construction, and medical equipment and facilities, with range and quality of services gaining recognition and praise of the public, owing to a concerted effort made by all colleaques.

Since its incorporation in " National Medical Services Network's Ten-years Development Project"in 1986, the hospital has continuously completed various software and hardware buildings.In respect of hardwares facilities, expansion have been carried out for six buildings, including outpatient building, emergency service building, rehabilitation building, nursing building, psychiatry and intermediate care building ,and chronic disease building. In respect of medical services and outpatient clinics, the hospital has achieved extension from initial two departments, medicine and surgery, at his founding, to 22 departments to date, including general medicine, chest medicine, gastroenterology and hepatology, orthopedics, nephrology, cardiology, metabolism, family medicine, general surgery...

The hospital successively qualified for local community hospital in accreditation held by Department of Health in 1990,1993 and 1996.It was then upgrated to local community teaching hospital in the following accreditation in 2005. Recently, it qualified for excellent local community and teaching hospital in new hospital accreditation in 2011 and 2015.It was awarded gold medal by "Global Smoke-Free Health Care Services Network Certification" and accredited "Elder friendly Health Care Hospital"by Ministy of Health and Welfare in 2013.The hospital joined "Health Promotion Hospital", "Information Security ISO 27001","Otpatient Clinics Medical Series system and Inventory Management System ISO 9001", "Laboratory ISO 15189","Kitchen feeding HACCP" and "Electronic Medical Record Second-Staged Certification", and so forth,in 2015.

As a public hospital, it is fully dedicated to servicing people in town, with their welfare at heart, and committed to enhancing the breadth and depth of community-based services, Through assiduous plow and cultivation and constant diversification, the hospital is aimed at providing warm, professional and high-quality medical care services, safeguarding health, and achieving the vision of holistic medicine.


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